Salt Water Snow Design Studio

Our Services

Pre-Construction Consultation

So many decisions ahead of you! We will help get you organized.

In this hour, we will help set a plan for your new construction process. We know you have so many decisions ahead of you during the construction of your home. We will discuss overall vision, timeline, and dive into what support you need for each phase.
Lighting Design Consultation
Reflected Ceiling Plan (Electrical Plan) for a Provided
PDF Floor Plan

New Construction? This will assist with adding the finishing jewelry of your home with the right locations and lighting needs. We will specify locations of pendants, chandeliers, and cans.  Salt Water Snow can also suggest if there is any recommendations for floor outlets or wall sconces. This plan will be priced by the square footage of your home.

Space Planning

Scaled Furniture Layout in a Provided PDF Floor Plan.

We will assess your needs and create a customized proposal for the areas you wish to space plan.  The drawing sets can include existing furniture and fill in with new suggested sizes for the space you are working with.  Or, we can start from scratch and tell you several layouts that would work best for your entire home, or selected room.

Furniture Selections

In this initial consultation we will discuss your wishes to use existing furniture and what your vision is to make the room/rooms complete. We can add and source furniture, artwork, rugs, and décor to fully design your spaces. Time is valuable and we want you to use your time enjoying the perfectly curated spaces by allowing us to help finish your vision.